BY:Aileen Juarez and N.Fitzgerald

In room 215, a group of New Technology High School students were working on a project about the Mid-Autumn Festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival is part of Chinese culture in China, during the Mid-Autumn Festival they worship the Moon. The Class, led by Miss. Li, started their project on September 14th, and they ended their hard work on the 21st. Miss. Li divided her class into five different groups and gave them different topics to work on. The students studied poems, songs, Yue Bing(Moon Cakes), games, and old Chinese Myths/Legends, to make their final productions after their work ended. Two girls agreed to be interviewed, Alyssa and Magdalena. These two are from the Chinese (Foreign-language) class and said that they think their teacher, Ms. Li gave them this project due to the fact that, “to learn a language, you need to learn the culture”. Other students described the class as ,“Pretty Cool”, and “Fun, It was exciting learning the culture!”. Miss Li said that the “Class worked really hard!”. On October 2nd the Chinese Class is going to go examine the culture up close by going to a Chinese restaurant and seeing the Moon Festival in person!


The Students working in Room 215 learned the culture, and finished their Mid-Autumn Festival Project.