By: Alex Duncan, Arika Burks, Ericka Resendez

Advice to Freshmen:

Jacey Adams:

“Take p.e. take all of the classes you need. Go to tutoring if you need it. Colleges won’t be focused on you a lot in your freshman year but you still need to try hard. Do all of your community service hours. Don’t worry about fitting in, express yourself. Don’t be afraid to talk to the seniors, they will be happy to help. Try to figure out what you want to do with your life. Take extracurricular activities/get involved. Focus on college in your senior year.”

Brandy Hernandez:

“Don’t stop in the middle of the hall way. You won’t succeed if you don’t work.”


Answering Freshman Questions:

Jacey Adams:

“What can we look forward to?”- Dasia Noriega

“You get treated with more respect. You get the satisfaction of the last year.”

Makenna Bohannon:

“How do you decide what college to go to?”

“Go to the meeting to see what they are like and go to one that fits you the best.”

Hannah Katt

“How do you get better at presenting?”- Kat

“Practice/ the more the better. Think that there is less people in the room. Make eye contact with people like you are having a conversation rather than presenting. Be comfortable with the information.”