The scoop on your scoop

An article by: N. Fitzgerald, Hunter Maxfield, Ariel Gonzalez, Erin Declue

Every school day you go to lunch, whether you get school lunch or not, you still receive the positive effect it brings. Students and teachers, both are affected. We questioned some students and teachers about New Techs lunch and this is how it went.

Q:  “What do you like about lunch?”

Mr. Daniel’s A: “It’s that the lunch ladies are such a great influence! They’re always smiling!”

Q: How would you describe the Cyber Cafe?

Ben Brandkamp’s A: “It looks Nice! It’s just…  a great place to be!”

Q: What is your favorite meal?

Stacy Chaparro’s A: “ Sub“your”way, I like the way we get to have a choice!”

Q What would you think should be added to the menu?

Dr. Arbuckle’s A: They should add Breakfast for lunch.

These opinions are great examples of how the school, teachers and learners, feel about lunch. Many kids enjoy the lunch, and find it a great time to “Hang out” with Friends. Even Dr. Arbuckle thinks it’s a great place to see and talk to learners. Whether your A, B, or C lunch you get the same Influence from the lunch ladies, “A Great Influence”.

We also interviewed the lunch ladies about who they are and, any rules they have to follow at lunch.Their responses were,

Q: Are there any lunchroom etiquette as a lunch lady.

A: “We have to wash are hands, and we have to make sure we cover the three of the five food groups”.

Q: What are your favorite things about our schools lunch?

A: ” We enjoy the fresh vegetables, and our choices about what we can serve, many other schools don’t get to.”

Q: What do you dislike about our school lunch?

A: “Definitely the congested lines.”

Q: How long have you two been  lunch ladies?

A: “Combined, its been 14 years.”

Q: What are your favorite meals?

A: Fajita Taco’s! mainly Mexican food.”

The schools lunchroom and lunch are close to the hearts of New Tech students. Lunch is a great part of school where you can “Chill”, as students describe it. Whenever you go to lunch remember the people who allow you to have such a great experience. As Dr.Arbuckle says, “It’s a great place to learn, and see learners.” The same applies to the students. Lunch is a great place and time to have fun, and to meet new people and old friends.