By: Noemi Martinez, Carolyn Miranda-Cruz, Samantha Miranda                             

        Many freshman came to this school for a better future, to know technology, for better opportunities, for college credit, new experiences, or to improve their public speaking skills. Either way they can here to New tech. Many students said they chose this school to improve their personalities and for a better future.  We interviewed several of the freshman here in New tech and asked how it is different transitioning to the 9th grade.

Our first two questions that we asked was Why did the students decide to come to this school and how is it different? These are the responses that we got: “It a lot more different and more work,” answered Gerson Garcia. Other students answered similar responses to this one: “It’s a pretty cool experience considering that we get to have our own laptop for own privileges in unique ways,”answered Tessa Chambers.  Many students said they came to this school because they wanted to try something new or take this opportunity they had of coming here.  New Tech is really a different school. New Tech have given us the responsibility that they don’t give us at other high schools, like having Macs. What other high school in Rogers does that?

We also asked, Do you think you made the right choice going to NTHS? How do you feel about this school? “I feel as it more different it’s like a lot more friendly than schools because everyone knows each other you’re like one big little family,” answered Stephanie Garcia. ”Um that it easy to find friends and once you find them I don’t think they leave you,” said Gabby Roe. Several of the students didn’t expect to have a new friend in their first week, but when they did get a friend, they loved how friendly the students of New Tech were. I can relate to this, coming to a new school was kinda hard for me. I didn’t expect so many friendly people here.  

The last two questions that we asked was how has this school change you and what do you expect from this school? Many of the freshman had answers but many didn’t know yet since it has only been a month since they came.  We went on a hunt to seek an answer. “This school has changed me and has made me more better at presentation,” answered Gabe Brown. “I expect to get a higher education ,because I believe they’re the best,” said Angie Carranza. Students expect to better opportunities in the future. We want to everyone to know that New Tech is an elite school and everyone should join and respect this school.