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October 2015

New Tech Technology

By Chris Lemus

As we all know, our computers are our most valuable and important tools in our everyday lives. We use them every single week day and some of us even use the computers on the weekends to do homework, play games, or maybe even shop. We think of this as just a normal tool that we use, but we don’t think of the effort that the school goes through to get these “simple” tools. We take our devices for granted and when we use them, we don’t think about how much they cost or what the price will be when they break. That is where the school comes in. We have a great staff and set of teachers that help us out with our technical issues, but in my opinion, the one who really goes the extra mile to help us with our needs is Mrs. Weisenfels.

Mrs. Weisenfels is a great technical helper and she fixes many problems including software problems like freezing, lagging, etc, and hardware issues like broken screens, internal issues, and even people spilling drinks on their laptops. I know that she may not fix the hardware problems herself, but she sends them to apple and makes all of the phone calls and paperwork which may not seem like much, yet it can certainly be stressful, especially when there are multiple problems.

I have had several problems myself with the laptop(s) that I have had over the past three years, all of them which have been fixed with the help of Mrs. Weisenfels. Freshman year was the best year in terms of laptop quality in my opinion. That year I had the perfect laptop, it was brand new because of it being the first year of the school and I ended the year with a laptop in great condition. My computer had no scratches, no dents, and it was always clean. I was proud of myself for that and for my sophomore year. Most of that year was great because I kept those conditions on my laptop, but after the second semester, it all went down hill. I found out that my Macbook had a serious issue which involved it not being able to turn on at all. After this occurred, I went to Mrs. Weisenfels and she solved my problems in a heartbeat. She gave me a different laptop and sent the other one to the apple factory to get it fixed. When I entered her room, I noticed all of the laptops which she was fixing and I was surprised. She is such a supportive person that assists so many people daily.

To conclude, we should all notice what Mrs. Weisenfels does and thank her for it. She is super helpful and I notice that some people get angry at her for not fixing their problems instantly. Just give her some time and she will fix your technological worries.


The Bloomington Salon

By Kiara Alacron

For local interests I decided to interview a local hairstylist at bloomington salon, Maria Urrutia, an 8 year cosmetologist agreed to be asked a few questions on my behalf.

Q: Tell me a little bit about yourself ?

A: “ I love,love,love to do hair, it makes me so happy when my customers are pleased. I have a 17 year old daughter, I love to cook as well. I enjoy spending time with my family when i am not working. and the company i get when i’m working at the salon. They are my second family.””

Q: How dependent are you?

A: “ i am a very dependable person and I can do any task I am put do with diligence and one of my best qualities to add to that is that i am very trustworthy. I can honestly do just about anything”

Q:what are your principal duties and/or responsibilities?

A: ““As a cosmetologist i must attend and graduate from a cosmetology program. Upon graduation, they must pass a certification exam at the state level in order to receive my  license. Most of us  work in salons or barbershops, which requires us to be on our feet throughout most of the day. On average, we make  just under $11 per hour, according to the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, we also receive tips from our customers depending on how well of a job we did on performing  services.

Q: do you enjoy doing hair ?

A: “ Yes it is my passion, I have been doing it for almost 9 years now and I will continue till my health says otherwise. I look forward to my job everyday and since i have fun with it, I don’t really consider it to be work. it’s bliss.”

Q: tell me what you think the biggest challenge in a hairdressing career is?

A: “I would have to say that it’s finding out how to make others happy, and just managing all the people i have to take care of it. It’s a lot plus the money expense can get pretty high considering all the products we have to buy, it all comes out of our check..’

Q: what’s it like being a cosmetologist
A: I like to show up about half an hour before my first appointment. This gives me time to check my schedule and see who is getting chemical services, in order to have the products ready for when my clients come in. I make sure the salon is set up, turn on the coffee pot, turn on the music and have everything ready to go.

Rogers Public Library

Many people think that librarians have an easy job but a lot of people don’t know that they do things that have requirements for the job.I asked Judy Casey seven questions the first one was “How old do you have to be to work at the library.”You have to be 18 years or older with a G.E.D or a high school diploma but for a higher ranking job in the profession you must need a librarian degree,but you can also work at the library at 16 years old you can work but only shelving the books.The next question was can anybody work at the library and as she said before anyone can work the requirements.The third question was if high school students were able to volunteer at the public library Judy’s answer was yes I then asked her how did they choose the people to volunteer at the library,and her response was that the student must fill out an application and they must have a few requirements that have to do with grammar the student must also have a parental permission.I asked her how much this profession paid it actually pays really well but it depends on the job ranking and in which public library you work at.The sixth question I asked her was does the public library band any sites her answer was that they libraries has many filterers and only bands illegal websites,but the library puts stronger filters on the children’s computers.The final question that I asked Judy was “how do you order the books for the library?”Judy responded that the employes looks at all the request that some people ask for but they mostly look at the reviews of the books she also stated that some vendors do give the public library discounts on the books which helps them on saving a little bit of money.The public library gets many visitors each day and many people go their to do homework or to study and even some go just for fun and to get a good book.Without library’s some people might not have a good hangout to do their homework or research they help us out and so do their librarians they are like the gate keepers and protectors of the library and the books inside.

College or the workforce?

 By curiosity a survey was taken to see how many New technology learners out of 427 were gonna go to college or straight to the workforce after they graduate. The change in decision was slowly numbering down and more learners seemed less interested in going to college.  The more the learners grew older their interest for going to college decreased more are making the decision to go straight to work..While interviewing the New Tech learners the freshman seemed more certain of going to college and the seniors had to think about it and they weren’t a hundred percent certain that they were going to college..

    The rate for freshman going to college all the way to seniors constantly decreases, almost as if motivation throughout the year fades. 304 learners out of a total of 427 were asked the question “ When you get out of highschool, do you plan on going straight to college or directly into the workforce?” 100 freshman out of 23 said yes to college directly after graduation. 65 sophomores out of 8 also chose college over work..

    We interviewed 50 juniors and only 38 of them said that they wanted to go to college after high school,and out of 55 seniors 45 said they wanted to go to school and the other 10 are going straight to work.. As you can see, your decisions on what you want to do with your life constantly change throughout your highschool years.

Geekery Club

By Addison & Payton

There are many clubs at RNTHS, and recently I interviewed some people who are members of the geekery club. They collectively said that it was fun and at times competitive. The club revolves around fun games in the form of cards, board games, or on the computer. All you have to do is bring yourself and if you want your computer. IMAG0125

Freshman Volleyball Regionals

by: Taylor Voight

October 24th, was the day that the top eight teams in the North and South Arkansas Freshman Volleyball Conference, battled it out for first place. Representing the North was Central Jr. High, Southside High, Bentonville High school, and one of our connecting schools: Rogers High School. Representing the South was Chaffin Jr. High, Greenwood High school, Ramsey Jr. High, and Van Buren High school. The tournament was held at Chaffin Jr. High  and Ramsey Jr High in Fort Smith. Each team was to represent their school in the ultimate final battle for first place of the Region. In the first round of bracket play Chaffin played Bentonville high school. The teams held their own however it was Chaffin who took the victory, sending Bentonville home for the rest of the day. On the other court we had Greenwood vs Rogers in one of the closes games in history. Greenwood scored a point, then Rogers, then back to Greenwood. In the end Greenwood overcame those mountaineers and continued on, sending Rogers back home. Next it was Central taking on Van Buren, although they tried Van Buren just couldn’t defeat the hard hitting Central team. Central advanced sending those VB dogs home. Our last match of the first round was between Southside and Ramsey Jr. High. Again the teams fought hard, you could feel the intensity from the bleachers. Southside pulled ahead and finished strong defeating Ramsey. With that the first round is over. Four teams are already eliminated and four remain: Chaffin Jr. High, Greenwood High, Central Jr. High, and Southside J High school. It couldn’t be any more of an even fight with two from the North and two from the South! The semi- finals have begun: its Southwest vs. Chaffin. Who will win? The heart driven and goal achieving team or the tall, highly skilled and courageous team? They played with all their hearts knowing that the winner would move to the finals. It was Southside who took the win, taking Chaffin out of the race. While Southside celebrated, on the other court Central and Greenwood battled it out for that last spot into finals. Central brought out a strong lead of points, only to be caught up to by Greenwood later. Point after point the game intensified mentally for both teams, but who would win? Would it be the smart, “always diving for every ball” team? Or would it be the motivational “pushing themselves as far as they possibly can team”? Finally it was gamepoint, both teams soaked in sweat, tears, and determination. The last point is scored and the girls from Central celebrate in an eruption of gleeful screams. Central had won their spot in finals. As Greenwood and Chaffin pack their bags for the ride home, the Southwest and Central girls are warming up for the final match. This was the moment they have worked so hard for, all those sprints and burpees in practice have finally paid off. Everyone’s gone except for 2 teams, 3 refs, 4 scorekeepers, and the proud parents of both team. The game begins, point after point long plays are made from the determination of both teams. All you hear is the concentration of players until a point is made. Southside was heart driven for every point and every play they make. They work together as a team, putting trust in one another. Central played their smart game, keeping the other team on their toes and constantly worked hard for everything they did. They dived for every ball not letting one point stand in their way. However the game must end at some moment and a winner must be crowned. After so much work throughout the entire day it was Southside who took the title. Regional champs! Both teams were given a ceremony and medals. They tell each other “Good game!” smiling so bright, knowing they made it further than anyone else. Both teams will advance to the State competition. We wish them the best of luck and hope they place good representing Northwest Arkansas.

Dia de Los Muertos

By Yoana Rosales , Yasmine Vega, Melina Cano

colorful-3d-sugar-skull-by-thaneeya Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) or otherwise known as day of the dead is a holiday celebrated in mostly Hispanic countries, but originated in Mexico on November 2nd. It is all souls day. El Dia de los Inocentes is November 1st. Both of these days are all about remembering the lives of their loved ones who passed away. They celebrate their lives and reminisce on all the memories that they made and the great emotion that they left behind. People from America or other countries often mistake this day thinking that they celebrate the fact that they died. Again, the intention of this holiday is to remember those whom once lived to create great happiness and memories in our lives. Also to celebrate their achievements and the opportunities that they had to do great things. People go to visit the graves of their loved ones. They throw huge parties in the streets and dress up as several things such as skeletons and everything. It is really beautiful to celebrate the lives of those who they love.


NWA: Louis Ligi

By Payton Wells

J & L concrete is owned by Louis Ligi. It is a business that does concrete work and excavation. Mr. Ligi has owned the business since 1993. I got the opportunity to interview him! The first few questions I had asked him were simple ones like “Favorite and worst part about your job?” One of his favorite things about his job is that he gets to be the boss. He is the one that gets to control things and make sure everything is done right. His main impact in Rogers is helping fix sidewalks that are cracked or broken and also adding in new driveways for people who need them after road construction. Even though Mr. Ligi likes being the boss he said the worst thing about his job is the long hours most of the time and some of the time a high stress level. Though Lou Ligi loves his job it was not his first choice; it was just a job that was offered to him. Even with the high stress and long hours he would not trade his job for anything. Mr. Ligi is the owner of J and L concrete operated out of Rogers, Arkansas.

J.B. Hunt

By Addison Columbus

J.B. Hunt A few weeks ago I, as well as the rest of my journalism class were assigned the task of exploring how NWA stays informed about leaders, changes, and growth in the Rogers community. In order to do this we had to pick a topic or company to research. After doing research, we had to contact one or more people that are directly involved with our subject. Then we had to attempt to schedule an interview with these people. I interviewed three people from J.B. Hunt, and the turnout was great.

The three people that I interviewed were Salena Phillips, Keith Landis, and Tiffany Hutchek. They each have a different position. Salena Phillips is a business systems analyst. Keith Landis is a director of marketing. Lastly, Tiffany Hutcheck is a account rep. When I went to J.B. Hunt to interview them I asked them 12 questions. Some of them were questions intended to require biased answers. The perfect example of this is the question “what is the best part of your job?” The most popular answer was people, yet not all job descriptions there require employees to interact with people. Such as the people who work on the tech. I was told that when you interact with the people all day, you form a friendship with them. This is what makes the job more fun.

Another significant question that I asked the three of them was “What are your four business segments?” The answer from all of them was DCS, ICS, VAN, and Intermodal. They use all of these means of transportation to ship their freight for the customer.

In conclusion NWA stays informed about leaders, changes, ajbh 2nd growth within the community through the media and the work of curious journalist. I was curious about J.B. Hunt therefore I did background research about the company and developed my questions from that. J.B. Hunt was originally founded in Arkansas. This made it the perfect subject in my opinion.

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